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My Story

Behind the Words

My name is Willie E. Dial, Jr. I am a native of South Carolina. After high school, I attended and graduated with a B.S. degree in Business Administration from Gardner-Webb University in Boiling Springs, NC. Afterward, I served as a teacher’s aide for one year, where I learned that I had a gift for communicating with children. They gravitated toward me, listened intently, and did their best to impress me. I felt honored to be someone who captured their attention that way.


A year or so later, I decided to join the United States Air Force and retired after 21 years of service. I have traveled around the world and experienced several other cultures. I lived in Japan and Korea most of that period. I thoroughly enjoyed living in Asia, especially Japan. 


The Japanese culture is one of respect and peace. That is exactly what I want for my life and the lives of everyone else in the world, respect and peace. Although we live in a troubled world of war and violence, it is my belief that we can change from Wars of Man versus Man, to Wars of Man versus Poverty, Disease and Natural Disaster. It will take a united effort of conscious adults to equip children with God's Love, Truth and Wisdom to bring true peace to the world.  As the Bible says in the last part of Isaiah 11:6, “…And a little child shall lead them.” It is important for the younger generation to learn the ways of God and not continue down the current road of destruction.


God, my Father, has blessed me with many gifts, one of which is to write. It is my desire to share lessons with my readers that will help build character, develop moral consciousness and foster love and respect for others. Although I write children’s books, the lessons are for all those who, like me, desire a peaceful world. As the angels in Luke 2:14 proclaimed, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” That peace on earth and good will toward men starts with each of us individually.   

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